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[27 Jan 2007|06:03pm]
I was out for 5 hours today, though it felt like I was gone for a full 8. It FEELS like it, too. My back kinda hurts, my feet kinda hurt, and I'm hungry. I say "kinda", because it's not like it something I would really complain about it. It's just kinda there. I need to figure out how to survive more than 2 facials with my poor aching back though! It's though when there's no wall to lean up against ( like at school ).

Today went well.

I had not only one client, but two! Two! Yay!

So I make 50% commission on the stuff that I do. The two clients I had had a special offer price of $50 for their facial instead of $80. They each gave me ten dollars. 10 + 10 = 20, obviously...then $25 and $25...so all together, I made $70 today. For just being away for 5 hours. That just blows my mind because I've never had a big girl job before. Just stupid minimum wage crappy jobs. Like I said before, the place is really nice. I had a chance to get down to the Unique Boutique (which reminds me of that one episode of Beetlejuice on Nickelodean, where they opened up the Unique Boutique, LOL), which is really cool. My boss' fiance is cool, and very indie rock-ish. The whole place was. Lots of local artist stuff on sale, DIY shirts and hats, bags, quotable magnets brand stuff. He even plays WoW! Which is so funny.

Sooo this is a good kind of tired. Tomrrow I have a client again! At 1:15...'nother facial. I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far.

Here's an important question for everyone though. This has to do with me trying my hardest with meeting our goal of getting people to rebook same day, and me having good client retention so whatever feedback you all could give me would be GREATLY appreciated, it's only going to help me!

So...if you were my client, and assuming you enjoyed your service, what could I possibly do, if anything, to persuade you to rebook for another service (at a later date, of course) that same day?!
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My wedding is now in motion! [04 Jan 2007|11:17am]
This post is unlocked because I want Jim's mom to see this.

The wedding has officially been set in motion. I called the Disney Weddings people today, and I got a very enegetic, sweet guy on the other line. He basically just took down my information and projected wedding date, and is now setting me up with my own wedding coordinator. I was so nervous making the call, but he was so nice and very helpful. My mother is going to be the second main point of contact, but he (his name was Don) said he could get everyone involved with the process if they would like. So if all goes well and we get the wedding date we want, we're looking at the end of October, early November for the wedding!
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The time has come... [28 Dec 2006|09:23pm]
The journal is now friends-only.

Due to the fact that I wish to continue doing whatever I want to do with my journal, and not having to answer to anybody or getting stalkers, haters; or just plain rude people commenting, I'm going to have to close my journal to the outside. Please comment if you wish to be friends!
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[28 Dec 2006|10:35am]
And now I'm even MORE disturbed that the owner of the website I had posted about found my entry in less than 24 hours. LESS than 24. That's seriously a record. I do believe sometimes people just sit there and goggle themselves to see if they come up.

I'm not a mean person at heart, but I have to say...there are better ways to spend one's time.
(And no, sir, they were not syrian hamsters, just to answer the questions, they were dwarves). I'm feeling icky all over now that google is the perfect stalking tool in the world. I'm fortunate I'm not a complete asshat and write about how much I hate _______ insert religion/race/whatever you want there. Mostly whatever I'm writing is just my humble opinion. The people who go to his website, they love that website, and I respect that, so it's not like I'm going to go on there and start up stupid arguments like, "this is crazy" or whatever. But oh. my. goodness. LESS than 24 hours? Come on. If you do that, just don't comment. I honestly don't want to know who stalked me in less than 24 hours. More than 24 hours? Okay.

Sometimes I really DO think I should just make this journal friends only.

[26 Dec 2006|11:37am]
I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas and Hannukah. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it was good/still is good. Jim and I got pretty much everything we wanted, and then some, but I think the best part of Christmas was playing Wii sports with my entire family. Actually, it was kinda hard getting my parents to get OFF of my Wii. My dad was even slightly considering getting one himself, but he's in denial about it. My mom asked, "Should we get one for home?" and he said no, haha. Mom said we'll have to just bring it over at least once a week though for "Family Wii Night". Now I'm not just buying games for myself, I'm buying games I know my parents will want to play too. It was a lot of fun. My grandparents even got excited about watching us bowl and play tennis. My one grandfather, the technological savvy one, came into the living room and the second he saw it sitting on the floor, he said "A wii! Can you turn it on?" Haha. It only took 5 minutes for each family member to learn how to use the wii remote.

The party is tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people. Well, hopefully people show up. A lot of people haven't even mentioned they were coming, so I'm actually a little concern this is gonna suck. I'm going to call everyone today and check in to see if anyone needs directions, because I'm more than happy to give them. Google Maps is a lot more accurate than mapquest or yahoo maps, by the way, in case you wanted to get a map from the intarwebs.

I am in LOVE with this terracotta oil burner Jim bought me for Christmas. I love, love, love it. They are so much better than candles, actually. I've never owned an oil burner before, but the scent gets through the WHOLE room very quickly. Hooray for oils! He got it from The Body Shop, which is fast becoming my new favorite store. I got a gift card for the body shop, so I can't wait to buy a whole lot of new oils for my new burner.

OH and I got Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova! Yay!

So, hope everyone had a nice holiday, once again. I'll be calling everyone today since I finally found my phone charger, and check in with everyone!
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[22 Dec 2006|10:10pm]
End of the year memeCollapse )
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[20 Dec 2006|10:05pm]
I'm really excited about this time of the year. Later on tonight, and I mean much later, my sister will finally be home for 2 whole weeks. I haven't seen her in like, a year, so this will be pretty exciting and very fun to see her. It also probably means I'll be getting out of the house more, since she's pretty social and likes to do stuff. Yay! Can't wait for Christmas Eve...Jim and I are going over to Grandma's to help her with the dinner. Since we're Italian, we do that whole seafood thing, but we could never get 7 fishes on the dinner table...there's just not enough people. I'm sure back in the day, when there was 20 people, grandma did the 7 fishes thing, but usually we just have 2. Our traditional Christmas Eve feast included fried Smelts (little, little fishies with tiny bones) and linguini with crab sauce. Her linguini and crab sauce is my faaaavorite...but Jim is going to be making those stuffed mushrooms again because everyone loved them.
Then we might go to church that night...it all depends on how the night goes. I need to stop at the liquor store and pick up those Kahlua pre-made white russians and stuff. We had those last year at Christmas and I want to turn that into a tradition, too. Another tradition we have is playing a board game later in the evening when everyone is tired and stuffed. It's usually just me, my sister, my mom and my aunt who play because my aunt is the one who buys a new damn game every single year for the family. We're going to run out of room for all these games. She gets really obscure ones, too. There's a really cool board game called Library. You DO move around a board, with dice and crap like that but the rules are really odd. You are given pieces of paper, and cards. Whoever is the book keeper (it alternates on turns) tells the rest of the players the title of the book, and gives them pencils and paper, and the players have to write whatever they think is the first sentence of the book. If they know it word for word, they get bonus points. Then each player has to guess which title was the best opening line, and whoever gets the most points, gets to move ahead on the board. Whoever voted for the person who won, also gets to move ahead a space or two. So it gives more incentive to players to not always vote for themselves, you see? Maybe we'll just play that game again. It's really good. I don't even know where she got that game.

And anyways, my party is on the 27th and I'm already getting a lot of RSVPS from people saying they're coming. It's a good sign. I don't need a million people there but it makes me happy to hear people want to go. My mom went out this afternoon searching for a "giant martini glass" to put the shrimp cocktail in. 'kay.

I love Christmas.
I get to see my family and we'll get to play the wii, which I know will be a crowd pleaser and foooooooood and alcohol. I haven't had any alcohol since Halloween night, and I'm being honest. Heh.
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A little WoW project I like to call a community. [20 Dec 2006|01:38pm]
Since I know several people on lj who play WoW, I went and made this community for my friends... you can look it up under the name "wowfriends" and it should come up. I forget the lj specific tag to directly link the community here. Oops. I gave moderation rights to pretty much everyone I invited, which is just three people, just in case they wanted to invite people to join too. It's not open membership, and I'd like to keep it that way. I just want it to be a simple network of friends.

I don't know why I made it, but maybe it could turn into something...I don't know, interesting. I'm spread across three servers now. Scilla, Firetree, and Misha. Sigh. I'll make the community pretty later on, when I feel like it, unless someone beats me to the punch, since they now have moderation rights.
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[19 Dec 2006|10:13am]
Yesterday at work, it was a very World of Warcraft day. I say this, because we sold more World of Warcraft merchandise than anything else in the store.

We sold:

1 Dungeon Guide
1 Atlas
1 Strategy Guide
1 Game Card
3 Burning Crusade Pre-order
1 World of Warcraft game

All different people. It was nuts. So of course Phil and I had a good time talking to these people, asking them what server they were on (I wanted to see if I may have ever been ganked by any of these people) and what faction and class. Most people were horde.

I volunteered to work the Burning Crusade midnight launch, because I decided to keep my collectors edition pre-order and give it a go. I'm looking at the site right now, for the BC, and it actually gets me much more interested in the game again. I like the new cities, the new world (Outland is huge!), the new mounts and just about everything except for the Draeni lore (it's a fantasy game, with sorcery and dragons, yet these draeni crash landed into what the devs named 'Area 52'...this kinda left a bad taste in my mouth).

I plan on rolling a Blood Elf with Rhea, even though it's on Korgath and I would just rather not be on the same server as DnT.
Amanda plays now (*waves at Amanda*), but I'm waiting for her to play on a REAL SERVER (c'mon woman!), and when she does, I think she needs to come play with me. Amanda, get the expansion, we can roll one of the new races together. :P

I actually have a few friends who play the game, yet we're all on different servers and I'm like...this is stupid. I want to play with my friends.
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[18 Dec 2006|02:25pm]
Eragon was so unbelievably bad.
SO bad. SO SO SO bad. It reminded me exactly of that Dungeons and Dragons film that came out in like, 1999 or something that had one of the Wayne's Brothers in it. It was just terrible. It had this clumsy narrative in the beginning which was unbearably cheesy, and just sorta dropped off suddenly. The actors weren't so hot, either. The only redeeming factor about this movie was the special effects. The dragon looked cool. But she talked. TELEPATHICALLY. *Stabs self in the eye*
I give the movie a D-, on the account that some parts WEREN'T so terrible. They were just lousy.

As soon as I got home last night, I checked the ratings for Eragon on Rottentomatos.com, and they gave it a 13%. Out of 100%. Ouches. They said most of the same stuff that I did. I loved the quote that read, "I liked this so much better when it was called Star Wars."


During the part where Eragon was racing home to tell his Uncle about the soldiers coming to look for him, and found him dead instead while his dragon pleaded "No, don't go! It's too dangerous!", I wanted to shout out "No! Uncle Own! Aunt Beru!"...but then realized that it was the wrong film.
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WoW babble [15 Dec 2006|11:10am]
OH and to be fair, I saw the new World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade intro movie, and it looks really kickass, and there are even some amusing moments, when the mage polymorphs a guy into a sheep. I might try the Burning Crusade for a bit, to see if it's really worth the extra content, but I am definitely going to pass on that collectors edition I preordered. I'm not spending $70 (well, I also get a discount) for something that 99% of the time I bash anyways. Yeup. None of my friends play WoW anymore anyway, so it would be me, lost in Azeroth again with nobody to talk to but 14 year old noobs who think it's proper etiquette to spam racial slurs in general chat.

YEAH. I miss that. Okay but seriously, if the game was really anything like the movie I saw (and I am a sucker for Illidan, people!), I would be playing it. I'm sure the Spielberg WoW movie will be pretty good. Their CG scenes were always amazing, so I doubt the movie will be disappointing...but as for gameplay...well...there's something magical about playing with rude people, I guess, for some.

Jim said he'd play the game if he wouldn't get bored with it everytime he hit 30 and quit. Haha. My main problems with it was that:

- I tried the raiding thing, and I hated it. I cannot justify sitting on my ass all day in Molten Core just so that I could say I did it, and got awesome loots...because then a week later, we'd be doing the same damn thing again, for more awesome loots.

- PvPing all the time in AV wasn't much more gratifying either. I just didn't like being called the c-word every time I didn't heal someone in time. Thanks!

- Hackers. The hackers are super abundant, and I'm even wondering if my level 60 still has her gear. I'm sure she does though, because my account is as unappealing as it gets. Level 60 with ONE purple, and a bunch of blues (no greens finally, haha!), and that's IT. No epic mount, no exalted rep, no tons of gold. I sucked at the game.

- People. They're extremely run and rampant in this game. When you hit 7 million people, it gets harder to keep the community quality. Same rings true for just about everything.

The reasons for me to actually return to WoW:

- I would get to do what I loved to do all over again, but with new content! Questing and exploring.

- I want to roll a Blood Elf Warlock. Nothing against paladins, they are kick ass, but I don't want to be healing again. Noooo.

- I want to roll a draeni too. I don't know why. The females are pretty.

- Illidan is in outland, and even if he was this uber hard raid boss, I would actually try the whole raiding thing again if I got to see him. He's my faaaavorite character out of almost everything.

- Outland. I want to see it. That is all.
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[15 Dec 2006|10:59am]
While everyone has been busy taking their finals and studying for them, I've been busy just trying to stay busy. It's not always an easy task. I won't lie, sometimes I'm envious when I read away messages about how people are banding together with their friends over study sessions at the cafe, or how they're so happy they're done with finals. I won't take another final ever again, if I choose never to go back to school, which...I don't even know if I will. I went to school, got a diploma, got a license, and now I'm just sorta waiting for the holiday season to die down before I start tackling other spas again. Meanwhile I have a very short list of clients I'm going to make house calls to for some extra cash, but so far no one has really shown much interest in me. Most days I am here, in my apartment, cleaning, eating and...basically just being boring. I've taken it upon myself to start a daily workout and stretch regimen. I really wanted to get into Yoga, but mats are expensive and so are lessons. I could try books but it's better if I see a video instead. I can't read and try to do stuff at the same time, unless it's cooking. So every morning I wake up, give my body time to wake up, stretch out and do some sit ups and push ups. I looked all over the apartment for my DDR mat but it seems that Jim hid it really well this time. I'm going over to my parents house to run on the treadmill later, and hopefully get my heart rate going since I need to lose my gut.

As for my mind, I need to do something that challenges it. I get a little jealous about people going to classes and then I wonder why I had such a problem going to them when really I liked learning. I hated sitting in a room FULL of people though. So I'll probably just try my best at Brain Age, and do some sudoku puzzles as well as eating healthy and excericising. I picked up a LOT of healthy food at the store yesterday.

We bought a LOT of groceries because Jim just got paid. I'm proud of how well he did at Christmas shopping for my family and part of his, and then we stopped over at Gamestop and bought Twilight Princess for our brand new Wii, which won't be opened until Christmas. We can't wait. I work tomorrow, so at least I have something to do tomorrow, and I'll be getting paid for it...but it kind of sucks, because Jim has off tomorrow and then he works on Sunday. He doesn't HAVE to work on Sunday, but they gave him the chance to do a catering on Sunday and that means a lot of extra money so he's all for it. I think Gamestop schedules me like this on purpose. I ALWAYS get scheduled for work when Jim is home. So most of the time, I'm alone. I think that's why I have so many pets. Hmm.

Jim and I were seriously debating on whether to get this kick-ass looking sushi platter from Yanagi for our party on the 27th. It's $50, and I could afford that right now from work, but we're wondering if anyone besides us would eat it! Haha.
That's a LOT of sushi to just be left laying around.

For lunch I think I'll have a Grapple (an apple that tastes like a grape...I know, what. the. hell.), a sandwich and some chips. Sounds like a plan to me.
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Christmas specials on Youtube! [14 Dec 2006|01:04pm]
Here's more proof that you really CAN find just about anything on youtube.com. I was looking up all sorts of older Christmas specials my sister and I used to really enjoy (Smurfs Christmas Special, Yogi Bear Christmas, Garfield Christmas, etc.), and I came across one of our favorite Christmas Specials, Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. This is a Jim Henson film, so yeah, it's muppets. But this isn't the movie, this is the OUTTAKES video, which is absolutely hilarious to see puppets "mess up". If you're a fan of Emett Otter, you will love this.

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An important party [12 Dec 2006|03:22pm]
I will be extending more formal invitations to people, but I wanted to write an entry up here about it so that no one can use the excuse that I never told them about this! Sooo....Jim and I are going to be hosting...well, more like my parents are going to be hosting, an engagement/holiday party for all who are interested in attending. Refreshments will be served and it will be an open-house party from 7 o'clock until whenever. Most of you will be receiving a separate invitation other than this. I just wanted to give the heads up. It will be held on the 27th of December, which is a Wednesday. I hope you will help us celebrate our engagement :)
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[12 Dec 2006|02:43pm]
A woman came into gamestop yesterday carrying a Wii, and asked if she could return it. Kyle and I were floored. Kyle just asked her what was wrong with it, and it turns out that the woman had bought one for her own kids, and then bought another one for her friend's kids, but her friend decided against letting the kids have the Wii for Christmas. So...she had to return it. It was completely unopened. Kyle said if I wanted to, I could buy it when I clocked out. Problem with that is that it was 1:00 pm, and I was done around 8. So when my mom got home around 3, I called her and asked her if she could come down and use her credit card to buy the Wii for me, and I would pay her right back. And she actually did. She got down there around 20 minutes later, and actually purchased it for me and horded it in her house. Yay! I got a wii! I'm pretty happy, and when it gets closer to Christmas I am going to wrap it and stick it underneath the Christmas tree at my mom's house so no one gets tempted to bust it out and start playing with it. I need the magic to be retained for Christmas!! I can't believe my luck; who returns the wii? It was kind of bizarre.

I'm a satisfied gamer now. 2006 has been pretty amazing, as far as gamers are concerned. This year I bought my 360, which is amazing and while they're rather slow with putting out games (in my opinion at least) that I really like, they at least have all the flaws worked out and stuff. I haven't suffered from the rings of death or anything like that, because my 360 is a newer version. Now I have the wii-which is a completely different animal, as far as gaming technology is concerned. I really cannot wait to dive into Wii sports again because the tennis is just addicting. I also can't wait to get busy on the virtual console and download the original Zelda and Super Mario 64. The Wii has some interesting games lined up too. Yay for my Wii and 360 :D
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[10 Dec 2006|03:38pm]
Calyber from the Frag Dolls actually wrote a really, really interesting blog today about the correlation between World of Warcraft and the Matrix. I'm not posting here again to bash the game or anything, I just thought she brought up some really interesting points and it's kinda eerie and makes me think "hmmmm," especially after reading the Matrix quote. It's here if you'd like to read it: http://www.fragdolls.com/us/post.php?id=679

Actually this gets the point of my last WoW post pretty well, and how I perceive the game and why I think people have so many problems with it. Just to reiterate my last point in my comments from before, this isn't in the context of ALL video games, because I, myself was never quite as addicted to another sole game as much as I was with this one.

Good stuff!

The game I've been enjoying the most lately definitely has to be Viva Pinata. In case some of you aren't familiar with it, it's a game for the XBOX 360 console which features colorful pinatas that are actually alive. You have to construct a beautiful and unique garden, armed with not much more than a shovel, a watering can and a grass seed packet to begin with. From there, things get more complicated. The point of the game is to make your garden as appealing as possible to attract different pinata. Say you wanted a Bunnycomb pinata, which is obviously a rabbit-like pinata. You would need to get carrot seeds in order to plant and attract the bunnycomb. To get the seeds you need to speak with a creepy looking man named Seedos, and he'll toss you 1 random seed until you start to "unlock" more seeds and they become available to purchase in large quantities from the town's general store. There are a ton of acheivements to unlock in this game, I've unlocked at least 20 and I'm not even close to finishing unlocking them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love animals in real life, so this game is just wonderful for me, getting to attract as many different pinata as possible. It's more complicated than just attracting them, however. You also need to breed them, and in order to do so, depending on the type of pinata you're trying to breed, it can get extremely complicated. You start off with the tiniest of the pinatas, a Whirlm, which is a worm pinata. In order to get this pinata, you need to have some soil. Not hard, right? They can automatically start breeding as long as you get a house built for them by the town builder. If you wanted to breed the next level of pinata, a Sparrowmint, they would have to eat a whirlm first in order to be "in heat", as I like to call it. Some of the pinata are extremely hard to breed and I haven't been able to do it yet despite having the game title of "Expert Gardener", which is a step up from "Professional Gardener". It's really fun, challenging, and sometimes even the pinata can change into a different pinata if you only figure out how to get them to change. They remind me a little bit of pokemon, because they evolve and they can fight with each other if their happiness level isn't very high. Right now I have some really cool pinata and I know how to get many more rare and exotic pinata, so if anyone has this game and has xbox live, I would love to trade with you.

If you don't have the game, go out and buy it right now, it's actually worth the hefty $60. I traded in Kameo: Elements of Power (another Rare game, but it sucked incredibly bad!) and Perfect Dark Zero. It seemed Rare was taking a really bad nose dive until they came out with Viva Pinata. You can even buy a garden statue in the game which is called "Bird and Bear statue"...but what it REALLY is, is a statue of Banjo-Kazooie! I loved that game for the Nintendo 64!

Alright, enough rambling from me. I'm going to pop over at my parents and check out their Christmas tree!
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[09 Dec 2006|05:21pm]
I'm actually thinking of making my journal friends-only. Even though people don't intend to start drama or anything, I have to be honest, I can't always tell what someone's intentions are over the internet and I'd just rather have people I know and trust read this thing so that I can actually TELL if they're actually offended or not. I don't mean to put you on the spot or anything, Casey, I'm just sayin'.

I was actually kinda wondering if anyone had a Nintendo DS Lite, and Animal Crossing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Mainly because I was wondering if anyone wanted to do the whole wifi thing, when I get my plugin, which I'm thinking about ordering or something, since we never seem to have the cables in at work.

Speaking of work...
Today was the most aggravating day for video games. Well, for me, that is. Last Tuesday evening, my manager said to me, "Do you want a wii? We're getting 9 in either tomorrow or Thursday, and if you want one I'll call you." So I told him yes, and he said he'd call me. Well...Friday rolls around, and I still haven't gotten a phone call. I had to go in for my schedule anyway, so I took Jim along with me down to Gamestop to see what was up. We were walking down the parking lot to the store when we notice Curtis, a friend of my manager's and ex-employee walking out of the store with a Wii. I was a little irritated by this because I automatically knew that that Wii was set aside for him and I was not getting mine, regardless of being told I would be. We walk in, and Jim asks "Do you have any more Wiis left?" and my manager, the ever sparkling individual said "No! I had people camped out. I'm sick of answering that question." NICE customer service there, Kyle. Jim sulked into the back of the store because that's the only thing he wanted to get me for Christmas, and he was really pissed because he thought he'd be able to get the one they were setting aside for me. I didn't even say anything to him, I was so mad, but I'm thinking I may say something on Monday when I go in. Kyle said "I did have one, but I had to replace Curtis'." The only reason Curtis' Wii broke was because he was trying to look up porn on the internet from the wii, instead of going to his computer because he's too damned lazy, and messed around with some of the coding inside the machine. So then I'd say, tough luck, asswipe, you were trying to do something you weren't supposed to really be doing. >.<;; So no Wii for me, even though for weeks now they're like, "Oh next time we get them in, you'll get one!" I don't think I'm getting mine for Christmas...

But then again, there are many people out there who aren't. I'm not the only one. It's just the principle of the thing, telling someone you'll call them so they can buy their wii, and then just...NOT doing it. Well, I always knew my boss was a dick! Most Gamestop managers are.

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this or not...but I am a HUGE comic fan. I love X-Men (I have uncannyxmen.net listed as a favorite), Batman, Spiderman, and a bunch more (not really a Superman fan though). So Jim decided to get City of Heroes and City of Villains (I already had the Heroes software, just never really used it) to try. I was thinking ewww another MMO...but actually the game doesn't play like an MMO, it plays kinda more like a console game. Creating a character and their backstory has to be the best part of the game, but at least in Heroes you get to fly, run at super speed, have weird abilities and talk to other super heroes and join these things called "Super Teams" which are guilds, basically. In Villains it's all basically the same, except a different city to start off in and different costume changes and abilities and stuff. The best part? There is no hardcore "End Game" crap, no loot, and no money. So...the drama is pretty much nonexistant and I can just go around saving the day or killin' people if I felt like it and not be bothered by DKP or people calling other people sluts.

Here's what my super hero looks like:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She has wolverine's abilities, basically. Retractable claws and whatnot. She went missing for a year after fighting crime, and unfortunately emerged from solitary as a villain:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There's actually a long backstory about her (Forty Claws' Rebirth abilities includes the claws AND Ninjitsu...just where did she learn that?!), but I'll save that for a different post.
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[09 Dec 2006|03:38pm]
To anybody I offended with my last journal entry:

If that offended you, then I'd suggest NOT reading the rest of my journal. I'm serious. I'm not about candy-coating my writing so everyone can feel happy. That just isn't me, and I'm not going to give up lj just because people get angry about what I have to say. Contrary to what many people believe, this isn't a public forum so that means I really, really dislike and disapprove of any kind of arguments or debates (which I know it would gradually grow into a debate like Rhea's journal) because I will and can delete any comment that I want to. You may have a few choice words for me, I'm just being an agressive lj-er. I enjoy reading everyone's livejournal, but normally if I have a problem with a person's entry, I'd either IM, talk to them in person or just forget that I read it and brush it off as someone's opinion.

Thinking I can't take the heat from people?

Well, the fact of the matter is, outside of lj and the internet is a stressful place, so I normally like to just kick back and relax after a day like this, and when I see internet squabbles it just agitates me.

If this sort of thing goes on, I'll just wind up making the lj friends only with only people I know IRL.

Btw this post wasn't supposed to be offensive either, it's just a warning that my journal is my perogative and I'll just do whatever I want with it.
(It's not like I write about racial slurs, people).

That is all.
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In response to Rhea's kick-ass WoW post [08 Dec 2006|11:21am]
This post is mainly for Rhea, since I wanted to comment on her WONDERFUL WoW post (http://cardiology.livejournal.com/117322.html), but I didn't want a massive amounts of hate-comments from all her lj-friends who claimed that it hurt, or no no that's not them...

If I could roll my eyes in my journal entry, I really would. Most of the people who had a problem with that post were all WoW addicts. Of course they started rambling on, trying to justify their actions. Am I going to try to justify why I played WoW so much? No. If you think Blizzard didn't intend for it's 7 million users to become addicted, you must be stupid. Or devoid of all logic. If the game didn't have a monthly subscription, do you think they would make the game that addicting? Probably not. You have to buy a pack of cigarettes either every single day or every other day, depending on how addicted you are. That's just the thing, you're paying over and over for something.

"That hurt. Things aren't always so black and white" someone said. Meanwhile, in the same paragraph, they said they wrote a long ass comment justifying why they play the game so much. If you feel the need to justify your actions, don't you think that maybe you are wayyyy too close to the situation and should probably take a step back and look at a different person's perspective? If you are really THAT into the game? "I found it a little blunt." Sorry if the person found that scathing or stinging, but I pretty much find what Rhea said spot-on for the majority of its players. People talk about how they've made so many happy memories playing the game. Which I find extremely sad. I don't want to be 80 sitting on a rocking chair going, "Ahhh...remember when we were all in our 20s...killing Naxxaramas together? What was that thing called? World of Warcraft?" Uhm, no. I'd rather be sitting on a rocking chair when I'm 80 talking about my children, and my grandchildren, and when my husband and I met, and when we did things in the REAL world. Another poster got a little upset about the comment, but yet he kept saying he didn't know why he still played. He just didn't know why. Other than he "didn't want to let his guild mates down." Oh, boohoo? Just some word of advice? They'll get over it. Because it's a GAME, remember? Not something you should still be thinking of at age 80 on your rocking chair, sharing stories about. Chances are, the guild mates you didn't want to let down won't remember who you are then. They probably won't remember you in about a year from now. Of course I could be wrong about this, because it seems while Blizzard is dancing around in their piles of cash, more people are becoming more and more obsessed and emotionally invested in the game. For shit's sake, they even opened up Rehab facilities for people who couldn't discern between REAL LIFE and Azeroth. Most of the comments under this post were a rebuttal. People sounding their cries of terror that someone disagreed with how much they played of this never-ending game. I'm sorry, but games are for recreation. That's what they started out as. If you lose sight of what games are intended to be, then you really ARE lost. If you would rather go to a raid at 5 pm rather than your 3 hour nightly psych class which you NEED that semester...well, I don't even think I have to tell the people who read my lj there's something drastically wrong with that. Actually let me rephrase that. If you actually DO raid at 5 pm instead of going to class, then there's something wrong with you. I think I would rather raid than go to a 3 hour psych class...but only because I hate class, and psych.
The same person who doesn't know why they are still playing admitted to the game being an addiction for him. He also stated that it's cheaper than buying 1-2 new console games every month. If you look at my xbox 360 collection, I think my WoW addiction was vastly much more money than what I put into my 360. Only because I'm not running out and trying to get my fix by buying two new $60 games every month. It's called priorities. This comment frmo the same person pretty much sticks out: "Getting back on track though: The things you said in the post above are things I tell myself every day. But hearing that frequently still hasn't gotten me to stop playing." That is exactly what someone who is over their head and too addicted WOULD say. To tell oneself they are going to stop (like a smoker would say 'I want to quit'), and then not stop is a disorder of one's own will. They can't fix their own problem because they said they tell themselves the same thing Rhea wrote about everyday, which mostly IS a desire to quit, and just can't seem to stop. HENCE why the rehab facilities have been opened in the US for people. They aren't just for WoW, of course, but for every type of gaming that people just can't seem to stop.

Basically the people who commented either fully admitted to being addicted and not able to stop, or tried desperately to justify their actions (it's the internet, and one girl's opinion...why do you feel the need to tell her THAT JUST ISN'T YOU OMFG?! -__-; ). I think they basically served a good purpose in her post. That you CAN get addicted to a video game IF you have an addictive personality, and it can lead into real problems, like she posted. If that hurt people, then maybe it was just a good wake-up call to them. But mostly it just pissed them off...and I bet their ran to World of Warcraft right afterward to make themselves feel better.

By the way, Rhea, fuck whatever people say about your journal. It's your journal, you're allowed to write whatever the hell you want, and I'd be really sad if you stopped writing because I love reading your posts.
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[05 Dec 2006|01:05pm]
I worked the 7-hour shift last night at work, and it was surprisingly really fun. Well, it was a lot more fun once Tim got there, because Tim and I just work really well together. He's laid back all the time (Read: Perma-stoned) and has no problems with backing me when I make a small mistake. I told someone on the phone that we had Hamsterz Life in stock, because I saw the game case on the DS stand, so I kinda assumed we did...and you know what happens when you assume something. It automatically becomes the thing you WEREN'T assuming. Gah. So when the man came in (it was a woman who called, but her husband came in...but it was okay because he was super nice), Tim just told him that we had one copy but someone had bought it 10 minutes before he had gotten there and then called the surrounding stores to see if they had it. Note: Next time I'm assuming something, to actually throughly check it out (with anything) because I don't want to screw myself over again.

Anyway...Tim brought in his copy of Wii Sports for us to play, which was ridiculous fun. I mean ridiculous. I'm good at video games, and I can usually just pick something up and play it...but seriously, I felt so embarrassed and humbled last night when I attemtped the wii-mote and nunchaku. I was constantly asking Tim, "How do I do this? What do I push? Which button? How do I swing it? Like this?" But after 20 minutes with the wii-mote, I had the hang of it, and we were well on our way in our game of bowling...which is creepily just like real bowling, except there wasn't a 10 pound ball in my hand and I didn't have to wear special shoes to play. People enjoyed watching us...Wii sports would have been the perfect in-store demo for the system (because it really demonstrates what the wii was designed to do...make playing the games a complete blast. Screw anything with spectacular graphics, I wants a wii! I could even throw my hook balls that I used to throw when I was on the bowling team in high school. It was great! Same thing happened during tennis. It can really recognize if you're doing a backhand or not! My arm started to actually feel a little bit of strain (but not a whole lot, I was just swinging way too hard I think...I was getting into the tennis). Anyway, enough about that.

Hopefully I'll have my own wii soon, and once I do, I want people to come over and play tennis with me. It really IS that much fun.

Two girls came rushing into the store yesterday with a stack of about 40 dvds, all with the security sticks still on them (but sliced open) and with stickers that read "Everday low price" (meaning...Wal-mart dvds...AGAIN AOIHOIETEOIYTEIY!)...they were in a serious hurry, even opening up each dvd to show that they were in there (because it's policy we open them up to make sure the discs are in good condition), and kept urging us to hurry up. Then they mentioned something about "Yeah, we don't bring in nothin' that doesn't scan for you guys." Meaning...if we scan the movie's bar code, and it says "Not available" in the computer, it means it's an old DVD and will only give about 50 cents for trade in value. These little coke whores knew exactly what they were doing. They kept dropping hints the whole time that they were stolen dvds, too. It was so obvious they were stolen from the wal-mart next door. All you have to do is take a bag, line it with tin foil, then pile the dvds in and walk out the door (oh my, did I just teach people how to steal dvds? Oh well, it's pretty basic stuff, I guess). So now we have fresh, NEW copies of Superman Returns (Just came out), The Ant Bully, Cars, The Little Mermaid...stuff normally people wouldn't trade in. I was so pissed when they litterally SNATCHED the money out of my hand and RAN out of the store, giggling about how they made $70 and they could buy drugs now.

Un.fucking.believable. Tim, who doesn't get visibly upset or angry about anything, just sorta shrugged it off and said "it happens all the time." Phil came in to visit and check on a few things, and I told him about what happened. Phil and I have the same ideas when it comes to the store and what should be acceptable/not acceptable, so he and I both agreed that it's for the best if we just don't accept the dvds. He even asked me if I could set aside any of the dvds we already had that read "Property of the Grundy Library" because he was going to actually take them back (he didn't know we had those, he was pretty shocked).

Don't even let me catch someone trying to use Gamestop as a fence again because seriously I will flip shit. It's so morally wrong to steal dvds and then trade them in to gamestop for drugs. What the hell. Then Tim got visibly upset when he gound out those girls threw all of the dvd sleeves and jackets out onto the ground in the parking lot. Littering really isn't cool.

So according to Phil, we DO have the right to deny people's trade ins. Sure it doesn't really look good, and you can't always prove they were stolen, but we do go by one rule (at least Phil does anyway!):

If it's still wrapped, we definitely will NOT take it.
End of story.
And that's the way it should be. But when they were blatantly coming out and saying things about how they were stolen, yeah...

They were both under 21, too, because I had to put the one girl's information down from her license. Go ahead, ruin your life with cocain. Have a freaking BLAST.
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